About the Artist

I began studying art at Bemis Art School in Colorado Springs when I was very young. My love of creating art carried into college, where I earned my BFA.  I worked in fine art publishing and in galleries before transitioning to marketing where I immersed myself into cause marketing to affect social change. Throughout my life, I have painted and worked in a variety of media, specializing in two-dimensions including drawings, watercolors, mixed media and oils. 

My concentration on land,sky and water is a result of a lifelong passion for the natural world, where my work is informed by years spent in the Four Corners region, Southern California, the Pacific Northwest and travel throughout the Caribbean and South Pacific. 

I offer both originals and high quality reproductions at affordable prices. If you would like to request a reproduction, most work can be created on cotton rag paper or canvas. Just let me know what interests you.

Thanks for visiting!

Katherine Ransom